SCORE Prize 2013: The Maryville High Story

At Maryville High School the focus is on producing exceptionally well-rounded students who are prepared for all opportunities that may arise in post-secondary education and the workforce.

Social Media Captured Education’s Big Moments of 2013

Social media is amazing, not just for the ability to connect us in real time, but also for the living history that we create as we interact with one another. 2013 was a banner year for public education in Tennessee.

SCORE Prize 2013: The Mt. Carmel Elementary Story

Success at Mt. Carmel Elementary, a 2013 SCORE Prize finalist, starts with alignment and collaboration.

SCORE Prize 2013: The McPheeter’s Bend Elementary Story

McPheeter’s Bend Elementary, a 2013 SCORE Prize finalist, is at the heart of rural Church Hill. School leaders have set a tone of collaboration and family, asking parents, students, and teachers to sign agreements setting high expectations for all.

Standing Behind Tough Decisions When it’s Best for Kids

Some of the most beneficial decisions we school leaders must make are seldom looked upon with praise and admiration at decision time, especially in a school district that is the largest employer in the county. The strategic placement, retention, and hiring of school personnel in order to increase learning outcomes for all students has significantly contributed to noticeable improvement in a relatively short period of time.

Building Leadership at Multiple Levels, Grounded in Guiding Tenets

Summary: Kingsport City Schools’ leadership model includes leadership positions found in typical school systems, but also goes well beyond the norm, including opportunities mostly found at the school level, where they are most needed.

Partnership of IT, Teachers, Students Built on Unique Strengths of Each

In October 1995, I made a decision to exit corporate America IT after 10 years and enter the realm of public K-12 education. It was a decision that I did not make or take lightly. After having taught several adult computer classes at a local technical school, I had discovered how much I loved teaching and helping others discover how technology can enhance our lives (both personally as well as professionally).

SCORE Prize 2013: The Covington High Story

The community in and around Covington has been hard hit over the past several years by the economic downturn and the factory closures that accompanied it. The recipient of the 2013 SCORE Prize for high schools, Covington High School, has raised the bar for its students, and the impact is seen throughout the community as employers return to Covington knowing they can find well-educated talent.

Data … the Road to Educational Success

Before going on a vacation or beginning a trip, we map out a route and have a plan as to how we are going to get there, what we are going to do, and how we are going to do it. Education is no different.

SCORE Prize 2013: the Norman Smith Elementary Story

At Norman Smith Elementary, winner of the 2013 SCORE Prize for elementary schools, there is an expectation that every child can learn.

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